Great Fire of London Workshop at St. Paul’s C of E Prmary

Phil captures the children into a wonderful time travelling world of history. They learn so much information in the sessions they leave fit to burst with facts and fun they have had in the day. It is always done in an age-appropriate manner for whichever age the children are. Consideration is taken for children with SEND difficulties and activities are tailored to ensure ALL are able to engage, enjoy and learn from the day. The experience and information learned is remembered for years after the sessions. Phil provides researched facts, resources and information ensuring it is always realistic and accurate but being safe and appropriate. They include so many vital historical skills as well as the key knowledge and even incorporates a little recording of findings to set up a museum which is fantastic, and not something we have had from other workshop providers.

We have already booked several more workshops and will continue to do so!


– St. Pauls C Of E School