Those History People is a new company founded by Phil Cooke. It aims to deliver the highest quality history workshops for primary schools. This consists of a full day of learning with a specialist primary history teacher from 9:15 am to 3.00 pm, at competitive prices.

Those History People provides practical hands-on living history workshops for primary schools. Using a combination of practical activities, role-play and drama, the pupils will learn about the past by experiencing it first-hand.

Those History People provides a school trip experience without needing to leave the school grounds. With no time spent travelling by coach and without the associated cost, Those History People can provide a full day of specialist learning at a competitive price.

We offer:

  • Professional presentation and service – provided by a skilled primary history teacher
  • Practical activities – such as ink making and writing, pottery, wax tablets and weaving
  • Role-play – helping the pupils, teachers and adult helpers feel as though they have travelled to the past
  • Interaction – a mixture of announcements, gossip and questioning allows historically accurate information to be taught to the pupils.

About Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke qualified as a primary teacher in 1997 and taught both KS1 and 2. He joined History Off the Page in 2001 and became its Managing Director in 2012. He has 20 years of experience designing and delivering exciting history workshops for primary schools. Those History People is a new venture on which Phil wishes to stamp his own unique mark and attention to detail in order to provide the very best workshops for primary schools.