Ancient Egyptian Workshop at Kirton Primary

Today, we had Phil visit Kirton Primary School. This has been one of, if not, the best full day school workshop I have experienced in a long time. From start to finish, the entire day was informative, exciting and fun. The wide range of practical, hands on activities in the morning and afternoon were brilliant. The amount of experiences all of the children were able to have, whether it was making Egyptian items, acting out Egyptian stories, trying Egyptian foods and drink, or taking part in an ancient Egyptian role (queens, guards, slaves and so on) were just phenomenal. Every single member of staff have spoken very highly of Phil and his workshop today. The children have absolutely enjoyed themselves and this was the perfect end to our Ancient Egyptian topic.

A very big thank you from all of us here at Kirton Primary School to Phil and Those History People for being able to make this wonderful day happen. We cannot speak any more highly of them and would absolutely recommend Those History People for future school history workshops!


Rated 10/10

Kirton Primary School